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The J T Jackson Adventures

J T Jackson Just wants to be left alone to haul cargo with his ship, The Shelby. It never seems to work out that way.

Trouble always finds him. Old friends and new join him as he moves from one adventure to the next across the galaxy.

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A visit to an old friend ends in a deadly attack. The war Jackson left behind has returned with a vengeance, dragging him back in. Loyalty to his friends, old and new, keeps him fighting. Maybe this time he can make a difference.

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A slightly risky delivery turns dangerous for Jackson and his partners. An old acquaintance gets them out of the frying pan and throws them directly into the fire. Something unknown from the past can sometimes cause a person loads of trouble. Hopefully Jackson can settle the old dispute without getting them all killed a slow and painful death.

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Taking on human cargo always means trouble. This time is no exception. J T and Campbell get forced into a fight they want no part of, on a world known for its barbaric cruelty. A ghost from the past amkes things even more complicated. The only solution is try to survive until there is a chance of escape.

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The Vince Harper Stories

The Vince Harper Stories are a trio of short novels about a writer with a drinking problem who winds up in some hairy situations after he comes across a beautiful woman unexpectedly. His life changes completely from this encounter. Bullets fly and people die when he gets involved. Starting with Summer his story continues through Winter and then Vanessa. Click the link below each book to purchase.

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The Patera Chronicles

The Patera Chronicles starts with a group of four short stories in Driving Patera. Three unlikely partners join forces to save themselves and try to survive the perils of space. They move through Sawyer 5 where they are called upon to help save a mining colony. Then on to MC 52 and a mission of mercy turns into a fight for their lives.

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Short story collections

Knife Wound is a collection of murder stories guaranteed to make you lock your doors. And The Wolverine is a group of stories that take place in the far reaches of space.

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